Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Polar Bears Rule The World

I'd watch out for the calm looking one with the club if I were you.

According to people who like the environment, polar ice caps, glaciers, and other huge bodies of ice are melting. Soon, polar bears and other arctic animals will have nowhere to live.

Personally, I would like to believe that polar bears are smart enough to adapt to their ice-house crisis. With limited space, polar bears will be forced to team up and create dangerous ursine gangs. Groups of bears will float on tiny icy territories, getting into turf wars over prime fishing spots. In time, these polar bear gangs will enjoy technological and cultural advancements, such as wooden clubs and cool sunglasses. Eventually, they will float their way into human civilization and will exact their revenge. They will also have fun alliterative names, such as the Polar Pals. Hide your fish and lock your doors, because the Polar Pals are coming. Don't say I didn't warn you. If you see this face at your door, call an animal control officer right away:

Please don't laugh at his bowtie to his face.

Stay safe, and beware the bears.

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  1. It would be awesome if they go to Sarah Palin's house with that club :)


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