Thursday, July 16, 2009

7 Minute Sketch - Nervous Circus Bear

I was watching TV and got bored during a commercial break, so I grabbed a nearby pen and started to sketch. Earlier, I found myself looking through a bunch of old drawings, and I wanted to see if I could redo them somehow. A lot can change in a couple of years, right? I found an old picture of a circus bear I put on a t-shirt and decided to redraw it in a different way. This is the old picture, which was made in February, 2007:

I slapped a background on it so it wouldn't be so boring to look at. The outline was made using a Sharpie marker. At the time, I didn't have my tablet, so there's no fancy shading or anything. In my seven minutes of boredom, I drew this:
The Amazing, Nervous, Plate-Balancing Circus Bear

For a quick sketch, this isn't too bad. I added some color to the paper after I scanned it in, since the paper was eye-blinding white. I also adjusted the line color to make the picture easier to see. I made a point not to care about the end result, so I wouldn't waste time agonizing over the lines and such. There's a lot I'd like to change, but since this is a sketch I'll try not to beat myself up over it. Now that I have a tablet I'll be able to use the "fancy inking and coloring skills" this time around. I'll also be able to undo, which I couldn't do two years ago (unless I wanted to draw with the mouse, which I actively avoided doing). For some reason, I can't wait to finish this, or should I say start this?


  1. I love that you give details on how you creat things. And I love the bears.

  2. You made good use of your boredom!


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