Thursday, July 30, 2009

Illustration Friday - Idle Sloth

Real sloths look much creepier than this.

I think sloths are a perfect representation of the word idle. They are lazy, slow-moving animals. Their grooming habits are questionable, which means they probably stink. Algae forms on their fur after it rains. I added the mushrooms for fun. I also tried to make this sloth look pleasant, since real sloths are scary-looking, hairy, algae-covered blobs that hang in trees. They also don't seem to resemble any other animal I've ever seen, although some sloths look vaguely like hairy mutant koalas without ears.

I must admit that I'm idle as well. I finished this picture days ago, and didn't post it until now. I was just too lazy to type this post and push a button. I'm not as bad as a sloth though, since I bathe regularly.


  1. Ha ha I love the mushrooms and the moss. These hot summer days make me very idle, I should check my backside for moss and mushrooms too!

  2. Haha! You are so talented and clever! I thought that was a little golf green on his back, hehe. Awesome idea and beautifully done! I had no idea about the algae,p-u :)

  3. he he... that's how i was (still is) today!

  4. Nothinglikeit - I feel your pain. I'm always grateful for a cool, rainy day during the summer. Maybe I should check for moss too.

    valgalart - Thanks, and I totally agree. Algae is gross.

    yati - I wanted to be that way, but I had to push myself to be active. It worked, but now I'm tired. :)

  5. I dig the mushrooms!
    nice illo!


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